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Chosen by Farhana  

Sunny the Indian Datsun was born in Japan to Japanese parents, but is actually English. That’s what Sunny’s owner, Stuart, reckons. But when Stuart’s banged up for a crime that might have something to do with a fondness for swastikas and Mein Kampf, luckily there’s a nice Indiana Jones-loving/hating Gujarati family who are happy to take the car keys...

So begins the first story in Wersha Bharadwa’s The Birmingham Collection, AKA ‘Funny stories for unsettling times’...

Chosen by Farhana  

Riku is a little tiger with a big dream. Everyone in his family has done something really cool and that’s why their portraits hang on the family’s Triumphant Tiger Tree. And Riku is eager to join them. In fact, he wants to do something super special. He wants to become the first ever... flying tiger!  

Written and illustrated by Rikin Parekh, Fly, Tiger, Fly! is a gorgeous, funny and exiting picture book about following your dreams and the power of friendship. From...

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Founders of S.A.S.S

Sheetal Mistry & Shirin Shah

On the 17th May 2019, Tara studios, London, hosted a one-off SOLD OUT live book club in front of an audience.  This was a collaboration between S.A.S.S. (South Asian Sisters Speak) and their Brown Girls Book Club, MissyMya and Tara Arts. 

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