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Chosen by Farhana  

Take one Italian restaurant, pour in a mysterious owner, a portion of waitresses, a generous helping of chefs, who may or may not all be undocumented migrants in fear of police raids, and bring to boil... I’m not sure how a novel set mainly in a family-style restaurant also serves up some major thriller vibes, but Nikita Lalwani’s You People certainly hits the spot.

South London’s ‘Pizzeria Vesuvio’ is not your typical Italian, and neither are its workers. The view...

Chosen by Anjali and Sanjay.

We insisted on choosing this book because it features a piece by our awesome editor Farhana - exactly, she's a bundle of many talents.

Her poem, 'Chai Tea, Naan Bread', pretty much encapsulates the conversations we've all been having about this subject.

A divine read.

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