My Heart Sings Your Song

Author: Saz Vora

Genre: Fiction, Women's

Publisher: Independently published

Year: Jan 2020

Format: Ebook

Blurb: My Heart Sings Your Song - A story of first love, family and destiny

When Reena meets Nikesh, her instinct is to keep away from the wealthy, charming playboy, but her heart has other plans. Can they overcome their differences she the daughter of a factory worker and he from an influential rich Indian family? Find out if they get their Bollywood style happily ever after?

Nikesh turns up on New Year's Eve to declare his love. and Reena accepts that they were meant to be together. But the road to their Bollywood romance is fraught and full of obstacles, Sarladevi, Nikesh's Motaba has other plans for Nikesh. When the family Guru declares that Reena has had a difficult childhood. Reena's anxiety and inadequacy resurface.

Can Reena overcome her fears of not being good enough to be part of Nikesh's wealthy family? Will their relationship survive, or will Sarladevi find Nikesh a suitable girl and prevent their happily ever after?

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