Crossing Over: Stories of Partition from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

Author: Sukrita Paul Kumar (editor)

Genre: Stories/ Historical

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

Year: 2007

Format: Ebook / Paperback

Blurb: In their rich diversity of languages, religions, traditions, and ethnicities, the two billion people in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are unmatched in the world. For nearly a century, Britain directly ruled the region as a colony. But when the British hastily departed in 1947, giving India and Pakistan independence, communities that had lived side by side in relative peace were torn apart by unfathomable sectarian violence. The stories in ""Crossing Over"" depict the responses and emotions of ordinary people caught in a tragic turning point in history, when tolerance, respect, and compassion broke down. Written by some of the region's finest writers, these works make us aware that such responses are not exclusive to South Asia. They are possible everywhere.