Fly, Tiger, Fly!

May 12, 2020


Chosen by Farhana  


Riku is a little tiger with a big dream. Everyone in his family has done something really cool and that’s why their portraits hang on the family’s Triumphant Tiger Tree. And Riku is eager to join them. In fact, he wants to do something super special. He wants to become the first ever... flying tiger!  


Written and illustrated by Rikin Parekh, Fly, Tiger, Fly! is a gorgeous, funny and exiting picture book about following your dreams and the power of friendship. From the glorious cover to the very end, each page is packed with colourful and dynamic images that your little ones will love. The story is just as delightful. Riku’s boundless enthusiasm and perseverance in his various – and hilarious – attempts to fly make him a very endearing character. I love the way he keeps trying and how increasingly inventive his attempts are. His expressions, and the character designs in general, are adorable and really convey the story’s sense of wonder and fun.


In addition, how many picture books are there that feature a main character called Riku, and other names such as ‘Cousin Sagar’, ‘Aunty Shina’ and ‘Uncle Rohan’? Well, not nearly enough, we say! A sentiment shared by the author Rikin Parekh, who also works part time as a teaching assistant in primary schools and is based in North West London. In a recent Eastern Eye interview, he has said that ethnic minority representation “should be the norm”, is “deeply important”, and that progress is yet to be made in the field - and we couldn’t agree more with Rikin’s words.


So, if you know any little ones with big dreams, or if you’re planning ahead for an Eid or Diwali present, or if you just want to refresh your bedtime story shelves, then we think you should check out Fly, Tiger, Fly! My four-year-old niece adored it, and her aunt did too ;)



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