Fly, Tiger, Fly!

May 11, 2020


Author: Rikin Parekh


Genre: Children's, 1-5 years


Publisher: Hodder Children's Books


Date: April 2020


Blurb: Riku's family have all achieved something special - and Riku wants to be special too. His dream? To be the world's first ever flying tiger!


Only Riku's friend Jim has doubts... Tigers don't have wings. (And Jim should know - he's a parrot!) But Riku is one determined little tiger. With help from Jim and some feathered friends, will Riku make it off the ground and into the air?


This hilariously funny book from Rikin Parekh celebrates dreams, determination and the power of friendship. It's a must-read for any little person with BIG ambition!







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