Girl Zero (D.I. Harry Virdee series, book 2)

Author: A. A. Dhand

Genre: Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Publisher: Corgi

Year: Feb 2018

Format: Ebook / Paperback

Blurb: 'A story as fresh as today’s newspaper headlines ― and all the more potent for being so' Mail on Sunday

Answering a routine call on the outskirts of the city, Detective Inspector Harry Virdee finds something he never thought he’d have to face – the cold body of his beloved niece.

He’s immediately banned from working the case, but there’s no way Harry can walk away while the monster who killed his flesh and blood is still walking the streets. But before he can find the killer, he must tell his brother, Ron, the terrible news.

Impulsive, dangerous and frighteningly well connected, Ron will act first and think later. Harry may have a murderer to find but if he isn't careful, he may also have a murder to prevent.