We That Are Young

Author: Preti Taneja

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: Galley Beggar Press

Blurb: *Winner of the Desmond Elliott Prize*

Shortlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize

Shortlisted for the Jan Michalski Prize

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The Hindu books of the year

When Jivan Singh returns to his childhood home after a long absence, it's only to witness the unexpected resignation of Devraj, the founding father of the Company, a vast corporation at the heart of Indian life. On the same day, Devraj's youngest daughter Sita absconds - refusing to submit to marriage. Her older sisters Radha and Gargi are handed their father's company…

So begins a vicious struggle for power, ranging from the luxury hotels of New Delhi and Amritsar, the palaces and slums of Napurthala, to the beautiful, broken city of Srinagar, Kashmir.

We That Are Young is a modern-day King Lear that bursts with energy and fierce, beautifully measured rage. It presents a startling insight into modern India, the rise of religious nationalism, the clash of youth and age, the intensity of life (and the ever-present spectre of death) in one of the world's fastest growing economies. It is the tragedy of our times - for all time.