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Mani's Madness

In essence, Mani’s Madness is a lifestyle blog.

I realised the stories I was telling people about my life, my family and my interactions were amusing, so decided to write them down in a blog form for my own amusement and those closest to me.

My blog changed direction in December 2016 when I wrote very candidly about My Arranged Marriage.

I still write about my life, dating stories, issues I have with anxiety and stress and feelings of loneliness with an odd mixture of my humour and sarcasm, which luckily has come across in written form.

I have a section on my site where I write reviews for books, especially those who are South Asian as well as plays I get to see in Stratford-upon-Avon.

So if you want a giggle and a different perspective on daily life then read my stories

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