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Vaseem Khan

Four books, one mini read, a Times bestseller, an Amazon Best Debut, Awards, and publisher's weekly described him as ‘best entry to date’.

That's pretty impressive, and getting to interview a writer of such calibre was the perfect way to launch Desi Reads.

Sejal and I turned up having pepped talked each other not to say anything strange, odd or freakish; which me and Sejal do… a lot.

Once we were all in the room, talking to Vaseem was like chatting to a long lost friend.

He offered us snacks, which we prematurely declined, trying to be professional. Prematurely because once the interview was over, he joined us for food. Any man who can sit in a restaurant with two women aghast at the fact that the place didn’t sell wine is certainly made of strong stuff.

He has certainly become one of our favourite people.

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